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Creating a memorable event is about more than details and logistics. It’s about bringing people together to share a unique experience, one that reflects your spirit, showcases your values and embraces today’s awareness towards local, organic food, and sustainable, environmentally conscious practices. In the ten years since I founded Chilipepper™ and the fifteen years since I began planning and executing events, I have learned not to let my attention to details block my view of the big picture. Through Intelligent Events™—my own signature process of event ideation, creation and execution—I carefully consider everything I do for my clients, bringing their celebrations to life in ways that support their success and honor our collective future.

We specialize in cultural, environmental and political events, but I also offer a range of planning services for a wide variety of occasions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask us by using our contact form. Chances are I’ve done something like it before and will be able to help you.

Public Service & Political Events

  • Cultural, political and environmental awareness
  • Civic celebrations
  • Fundraising
  • Awards and recognitions

Culinary Events

  • Chef demonstrations and seminars
  • Restaurant catering and private dining
  • Food and wine tastings and seminars
  • Culinary celebrity events

Business Events

  • Business seminars and conferences
  • Executive and management awards and recognitions
  • Corporate team and board retreats

Personal Celebrations

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries