Earth Conscious – Farm Fresh to You

Earth Conscious – Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You harvests a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables from its farm in Capay, 90 miles west of San Francisco and in the Imperial Valley in Southern California. The company delivers its produce to homes and offices in Northern and Southern California.

Farm Fresh to You is currently the only produce home delivery service that is also a farm that allows you to customize what you receive in your delivery, based on seasonal availability.

Customers select what type of produce package they would like to receive based on their household size and their cooking habits. The produce in each package changes weekly and varies seasonally. Farm Fresh to You works with neighboring organic farms to ensure a good variety of produce year round.

During the summer months, over 80% of the produce going into deliveries comes from its farm, Capay Organic. Contents are first sourced from the farm, then neighboring farms in Yolo County. Contents are also sourced from outside the local region to provide the necessary varieties in your specific service. The Capay Valley box service provides produce solely from the Capay Organic farm and four neighboring organic farms (within 10 miles of our farm) in the Capay Valley. This service will have more vegetables and greens in the winter months and a nice mix of fruit and vegetables in the summer months.

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