Montessori School Organic Gardens

Montessori School Organic Gardens

In partnership with the parents and teachers of the Pacific Rim International School, Chilipepper Event™ is helping to develop the Organic Garden Project, which incorporates the sustainable and organic environment into the existing curriculum.  Led by their teachers, curious and interested children of all ages are able to experience the garden each day.
In age-appropriate ways, the Organic Garden Project encourages students to:

  • Develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment via practical life experience.
  • Learn hands-on farming and gardening skills, including the opportunity to harvest fruits and vegetables such as beans, herbs, carrots, chards, pumpkins and tomatoes.
  • Observe the life cycle of plants and the entire process of farm to table cooking
  • Learn directly from farmers, gardeners, and chefs about the different steps of the process that make up the food chain from field to finished product.

In addition, Chilipepper Event™ is working with the parents and school to create a second organic sensory garden that includes a variety of aromatic herbs and flowers, a rock garden, water feature, and ornamental trellis. The garden is designed to be a peaceful resting place that provides aesthetic, academic, and practical experience for the children. Our current plan includes the installation of a living green wall to shield the children from the street, a terraced animal pen, and the incorporation of traditional plants that have been used by a variety of cultures throughout human history. In addition to academic learning, we hope the children will develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and all living beings.

Pacific Rim International School (PRINTS) is an independent, coeducational, and multilingual Montessori school offering programs ranging from pre-K through 12th-grade, with locations in San Mateo and Emeryville, California.  PRINTS offers four levels of Montessori environments based on the planes of development identified by Dr. Montessori: Infant Community, Children’s House, Elementary Community, and Lower and Upper High School; integrated Japanese/Mandarin at all levels; creative arts, science, mathematics, and literature enrichment; farm residency, visiting artists, and hands-on experience running a small business.  To find out about PRINTS, please visit the school at



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