is made up of three key ingredients. What, When and Where. I call it my three W’s. I founded Chilipepper Event Productions in 2001 and these three W’s have been my guiding principles. 

What – Great food draws a great crowd! Each Chilipepper event is planned with a specific theme, with specialty food and drinks help set the stage. Why settle for a cocktail reception when your guests can enjoy an evening of street food tasting a la Penang? Asian cuisine is all the rage these days and a well-executed Asian themed event will be the talk of the town.

When – Asian food is closely linked to many Asian festivals throughout the year. An event with a Chinese New Year, or Autumn Moon Festival theme, will be unique and eye-catching. I am also a firm believer in cross-cultural fusions. Serving Asian food as part of a Fourth of July menu? Why not? This is the Bay Area.

Where – Over the years our team has staged high-profile events all over the Bay Area. We bring our creativity to landmark hotels and museums, and in the Rotunda of the historical San Francisco City Hall. The right venue sets the tone and appearance, and attracts the right audience.